Two Positive Developments 22:06 and 270.2

by klassman

Yesterday we swam the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim in Reston.  There is a 1-Mile and a 2-Mile race on offer each year.  Being late to the registration, I had no choice and was put in the last wave of the one mile race.  I chose to swim in the non-wetsuit division and wore my Roka Viper speed suit.  I love how it feels.

Dana entered the race the night before and was seeded in the same wave as me.

Upon finishing, she shared that she didn’t have a single moment of panic or discomfort.  The whole race was smooth sailing for her. In addition, she was two minutes faster than when she did this race two years ago.  TWO WHOLE MINUTES!

I won my age group — though I’m not sure how many people were in it — and finished third overall in 22:06.  The second place swimmer was 22:00 and the winner was nearly a minute ahead with 21:10.  I’m a little sore today in the shoulders but it feels good like I used my body for something it was meant to do.

Later in the morning I went over to Hains Point to ride for a couple of hours.  After about a half an hour warmup, I did a 20 minute test to see if there have been any gains from training with the power meter.  My FTP is up.  The old test came in at 251 for an FTP of 239.  Yesterday I went 270.2 for an FTP of 257.