Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth

by klassman

I’ve been reading to the kids nearly every night for 10 years.

Before lunch I went for a “long run” as I try to get my leg back into regular use and on track for training for Ironman Maryland in September.  I went down a mostly flat road and into Crystal City where there was a criterium taking place, The Air Force Classic.  The place was a riot of color and noise and spectators.  It was marvelous.  I wish that could go to more bike races.

At any rate, for some reason it made me think of the beautiful artwork Eric Carle creates for children’s books.

Later, after I’d been back to the house, taken the kids out for the afternoon, made and cleaned up dinner, I realized that my run time today was stupendously slow.

Slothlike.  Entirely unlike the peloton I watched whiz past for several laps.

No matter.  Sometimes it is more important to get out there for an hour and see the vibrancy of life happening than it is to run fast.