Track Night

by klassman

Last night the workout was 3×1200 with 400 meters between each followed by 3×400 with 200 meters in between.

I still need to learn a lot about pacing.  My fitness is also not back to where it was in the winter.  But, I think my form is improving and that is something.  Hopefully it is something that helps ward off injury.

The splits/pace were 4:34/6:13, 4:52/6:29 and 5:07/6:52 for the 1200s.  There was typically about three minutes in between each one.  The splits/pace for the 400s were grouped a little closer at 1:36/6:25, 1:30/6:00 and 1:29/6:00.  There was typically about two minutes and 15 minutes between each of the 400s.  However, after the last one I took an additional two minute rest and then jumped in with the third group (I was running far in the back of group two) for their final 400 and turned in a 1:26.

In all, it was a soggy 6.78 miles (due to nearly 60 percent humidity) but a step in the right direction.