Ideas Swirling About In My Head

by klassman

  • Yesterday we came home from a week in Maine.  Family camp is responsible for an outsized number of really great experiences even though we only go there once a year for a week.  We spend the whole time — except when we are sleeping — outdoors.  This year the breakthrough activity had to be SUP — stand up paddle board. Everyone tried it.  Josephine loved it.  Dana did yoga on it.
  • I ran several times in Maine including one circumnavigation of the lake.  The long run on Friday clocked in at 1:36 and 12.1 miles — or about a 7:57 pace over a hilly course.  It felt good — in fact, it was probably the best long run I’ve done in at least a year.  My calves were tight for two days after — the run itself was memorable and included a degree of ease that is rare for me.
  • We swam Walden Pond again — and this year we let the kids climb in a new cove and race from shore to shore.  I love that place.
  • A couple of months ago I carefully drew up a day by day workout plan to get me to Ironman Maryland.  Yesterday I realized that the 16 week plan — scribbled into little boxes, one per day, on lined notebook paper — left out a week.  That is right.  I went straight from August 24 to September 1.  Good news: I have one more week of training available to prepare for Maryland.  Bad news: I have to redo the last 3-4 weeks of workouts.
  • The verdict on my ear and hearing is in and it is good.  Just before leaving for vacation I learned that my hearing is certainly in the “normal” range, the hole is healed and the recovery is better than would have been expected had I undergone surgery in June.  With all that said, there is a difference and hearing in my right ear is better than the left.
  • The rope swing is really one of the greatest summer activities of all time.
Rope Swing at Family Camp!

Rope Swing at Family Camp!