Ironman Maryland — Roll On

by klassman

This weekend I’ll try to get a short synopsis of the recent bike ride up here.  In the meantime, a short anecdote and a set of photos follow.

As I mentioned below in a previous post, during the last segment of the ride I passed a large number of people.  After a while, I decided to say something to each person.  Maybe I could lift their spirits or bring a smile.  The time between each pass became focused on what I would say to the next person.  After I told a guy in an Army kit to Beat Navy, I rolled passed a woman with a Naval Academy jersey and told her, “Go Navy, Beat Army.”  The most common phrase employed was some version of “keep rolling.”  I don’t know why, I don’t know where it came from.  A few times it stood on its own like an Ironman koan.  Usually it was combined with some reference to the person’s kit, a song lyric or a remark about the weather and scenery which were both fantastic for riding.  Roll on…