75s and 25 Years Gone

by klassman

Tonight I went to swim for the third time at a new pool.  It is a little farther away from home and costs marginally more to use because it is just over the border in Arlington.  But, it is well lit, deep, and has eight lanes.  The past few years I’ve grown accustomed to 25 meter pools and though this one is yards, it doesn’t strike me as odd to reach the wall “so soon.”

I swam last night too.  Last night I did 10×200 rest :15 and hung out right around a 1:15/100 pace.  I followed it with 10×100 pull with :10 rest and stayed close by coming in with about a 1:16 average.  Today’s main sets were 10×150 pull rest :10 followed by 5×75 rest :30.  The second half of the 150s descended from the first without really trying and overall the 150s were at about a 1:15 or 1:16 pace.  Perhaps I need to check the math because it just seems too fast given my workload and recent times.  The final set of 75s were lung busters.  I went :48, :49, :49, :49 and :50.  Their pace was between a 1:04 and 1:07 which brings me to a pair of observations.

  1.  Endurance training really robs you of the ability to do any sort of top-end sprinting.  While the times were far faster than anything I was doing a few months ago, there was no oomph in my turnover.  I couldn’t accelerate off of the turns.  I was simply churning through the water faster but still churning, not doing the sort of hovercraft awesomeness that comes with genuine sprints.
  2. The set of 75s, with a full 30 second rest, is probably the fastest I’ve swum in years.  I was at my limit and taking a big amount of rest.  Yet, it was still a few seconds per 100 slower than my regular aerobic pace as a teenager.  In high school we would swim sets based off of a 100 time.  Mine was usually between 1:02 and 1:07 depending on the year and what point in the season.  We’d do a main set of between 1800 and 3000 every afternoon based on that time.  If the set was 100s, it would be something like 25xyourtime rest :05 or rest :07.  The 16 year old me could beat the pants off of me now and I’m okay with that.  Although, I’d love to get that 100 pace down under 1:10.  That would make me competitive with the 14 year old me.

NB — At some point I need to get a post up about Ironman 70.3 Austin.  I raced at the end of October.  The swim was slow.  I just felt a bit off and thick though I bettered my age group peers.  The ride was great for 30 miles but then it wasn’t.  The run was steady.  The consistency paid dividends in the form of a run split personal record of about four minutes.  Seventh in my age group and for the first time ever I moved up during the run (from ninth to seventh.)