50 Women to Kona

by klassman

Have you seen this post yet on #50womentokona? I hadn’t either. You should. It is full of all sorts of righteous indignation and spitfire.

The Mediocre Triathlete

Please pardon my detour away from the silly toward the serious. If you are not familiar with the #50womentoKona movement, and gender equality means anything to you, get familiar! Better yet, get involved!  Visit the website www.TriEqual.com for an education and an opportunity to help. 

Silliness resumes next post….


The current movement #50womentoKona shouldn’t really mean much to me as a triathlete. I am ten years into the sport, and I’ve had a blast with minimal care for, attention to, or following of pro triathletes. I do admire them. I just don’t follow them, with two exceptions. Cameron Dye is not only my favorite pro triathlete, but he is also my BFF. We share a passion for donuts. I learned this when I met him at the 2014 NYC Triathlon. He is responsible for my motto, “TMT-Where donuts are finish line food.” Coming in a close second is Chrissie Wellington…

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