Women In Triathlon

by klassman

A first-time blogger jumps into something new — eyes open and full of candor.


This is my first post on here so bare with me while I get started. This blog site will be my feeling on things that are going on in the world of triathlon and other things. So lets start with the hot button topic that I have publicly stayed away from so far. Women in triathlons.

After this past month I have seen over and over new women’s groups popping up on social media.This started out as a simple question why are there not the same amount of women pro slots in Kona as men. This has lead me to ponder the equality over the whole sport and after really looking into in I am baffled. I feel like I should apologize, I have been in this sport since I was 5 years old and it was not til recently when brought up by my girlfriend Kim that it is…

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