Schedule Note.

by klassman

Through the first seven months of 2015, I’ve done the following races:

  • Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico
  • Raleigh Rock N Roll Half Marathon
  • Monticelloman Olympic Triathlon
  • Great Chesapeake Bay Swim — 4.4 Miles
  • Ironman Coeur d’Alene
  • Colonial Beach Olympic Triathlon
  • Ocean Games 9 Mile Swim

It has been a really good year.  I did my first “training camp” over Memorial Day weekend and finally was able, after years of intentions, to ride a big section of Skyline Drive.  Puerto Rico was big fun, Raleigh rewarded me with a best time and moreso with a father-daughter weekend trip, at Monticelloman and Colonial Beach I ran personal bests for the 10k, and I soaked in joy of the Chesapeake on a 90+ degree day for the GCBS.  IMCDA and the Ocean Games both extended my horizons by creating opportunities to keep looking for my limits.  At the former, I showed up more fit than I’ve ever been for a triathlon.  At the latter, I literally jumped in with both feet to try something new.

I won’t likely be racing in August.  However, if I can swing the logistics I’ll volunteer while the tribe races at the NOVA Running Club 5k on August 25.  The weekend of October 3 I will be volunteering at Ironman Maryland and the following weekend, October 10-11, I’ll be busy spectating at the tribe’s fall track meet.

The Nation’s Triathlon is right in my backyard on September 13.  I’ve done it several times but not in the past few years.  I vowed not to do it again because the bike course was crowded to the point of unsafe but I’m told there have been significant course changes in the past two years and that if I don’t care about prizes, I can register as an elite and leave with the first wave.

I’d like to race again.  Consider this a crowdsourced planning document.  The comment section is open for your input.

On my mind are a few races.  On September 4 there is an 8 mile river swim up the road.  It is called the Valley Forge Marathon Swim and could be fun as well as extend my experience in this new area of distance swimming.  A few weeks later on September 26 there is the Swim for the Potomac 10k.  Staged only a couple of miles from home this might be a better bet but the information online is scant.  The biggie in the back of my mind is all the way out in November though I’d need every day until November 21st to prepare for the JFK 50.


  • Noticeably absent from the list is a triathlon.  The Savageman Festival at Deep Creek is September 19-20 and I haven’t missed it for many years running.  However, this year it does not appear that the regular crew of misfits is interested in getting a house for the weekend and relentlessly taunting one another over shared meals and widespread anxiety about the mountains of Garrett County, Maryland.

The lack of a triathlon on the list doesn’t mean I don’t want to do one only I don’t have one in mind.

  • Closer to home and something that doesn’t require an overnight stay is always better than travel.
  • Pretty venue/scenery is more important to me than the prestige or size of the race.  So far this year I’ve had great experiences at races featuring a couple dozen people as well as several thousand.
  • At the beginning of the year I set a goal to do more and learn more about open water swimming.  I’ve done so.  It has left me with a taste for more tries at this whole new world of marathon swimming.
  • Early in the year when planned a schedule of races, I thought I would close out the year with Ironman 70.3 Princeton in October.  The race was cancelled.  Which opens up a few possibilities.

How, dear Internets, should I plan my race schedule for the rest of the year?  I’m not limited to just one race but I probably won’t travel for more than one more.  Also, I’ve not included some mainstays like the series of autumn 5ks that we’ve done as a family the last couple years or the neighborhood 5 mile turkey trot.  Those are a given.

  • The big fat elephant in the room is that I’m giving serious consideration to an ultra marathon.  I’ve gone so far as to verify with the race director of the JFK 50 that a split time from an Ironman can be used as a qualifying marathon time.  I don’t love running but somehow the allure of going on a trail, doing something really monumental like the JFK and of trying something so far out of my comfort zone has made this interesting.