All Wet

by klassman


Back to the pool last night.  I skipped track night and went straight indoors to buy a three month pass.  It has been months since I swam.

I did six 500s on 7:30 alternating swim and pull.  Numbers one, three and five were 6:41, 6:37 and 6:34.  The pulls were 6:47, 6:40 and then I got run over by the struggle bus to finish with a 6:44.  Afterward, I wrapped up with 4×100 alternating stroke work with drills.  All in all, it was good to be back.  I even started the mindwandering daydreams about 2016.

Hard to believe, but it has been about two months since I joined the Ignite Endurance team.  The team has a sponsorship from Blue Seventy so I purposefully took along the appropriate bottle.  It seemed like the right thing given it was my first time back into the water.AllWet

There was the familiar, intoxicating rush as I slipped through the surface of the water for the first time.  I renewed with the feel of bubbles crashing past my skin, the blast of cool on my face and the warbled song that is special to underwater movement.

It also just felt good to move my arms and legs — seeking out a natural rhythm with my breath.  It wasn’t long however before pushing off of each turn reminded me that it was only a few weeks ago that I stressed my legs to the max with a 50 mile run.  The shadow of tired gently crept up until it whacked me full-on during the last 500 — and my stroke length shrunk and hips sunk.  Being out of practice is still being out of practice no matter how much you enjoy the water.