Radical Immersion

Ironman Training with Life, Marriage, Children & Work

Back to the pool last night.  I skipped track night and went straight indoors to buy a three month pass.  It has been months since I swam. I did six 500s on 7:30 alternating swim and pull.  Numbers one, three and five were 6:41, 6:37 and 6:34.  The pulls were 6:47, 6:40 and then I got […]


I’m still trying to carve out time to finish my race report on Ironman Lake Placid.  It was wonderful — wonderful in all new ways from the amazing experience that I had in 2012.  Foremost, the whole family was able to take part and for that I’m thankful. Until that time, I leave you with […]

Kent Lassman, @klassman

These guys take cycling seriously.  Their rules sum up a philosophy.  I am partial toward Rules V (or five), six, nine, 10, 20, 43 and 58.  No triathlete can adhere to them all.  I wouldn’t want to. The site has good writing and the only thing stronger than the information and knowledge of their opinions […]