Radical Immersion

Ironman Training with Life, Marriage, Children & Work

I don’t want to get ahead of things, but I may be getting my hearing back.  At the very least, the dullness in my left ear is starting to wane.



South Africa’s Kyle Buckingham was the winner (along with Amber Ferreira from New Hampshire) at Ironman Lake Placid.  I saw a post on Twitter this morning that said his Normalized Power was 305.  That is a bit of perspective on my new FTP.  In other power related news, this blog post from Linsey Corbin gives insight into how many watts she recently pushed to win in Austria.

Tune In, Tune Up

I registered for the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh next June.  I’m really looking forward to visiting with friends and being in a city where we loved to live for seven years in the ’00s.  It will also be the official tune up for IMLP because it falls on the last day of week 22 in my 30 week training plan.  Just right to recover, build up one last time and then taper.

Rand & Robinson

Andy Potts is a fan of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell and Jackie Robinson.  Who knew?

Go Figure

Today my workout was just a hair longer than four hours and forty minutes.  According to my heart rate monitor and watch, I burned 3,623 calories.  During that same time, I consumed 1,750 calories.  (I had two bars, four gels and 76 ounces of liquid.)

How is it that I never felt hungry?  Granted, about 45 minutes after I finished I thought that I might need to eat an entire side of beef but during the ride and short two-mile run afterward, I wasn’t hungry one bit.

Go figure.

Note to Self

Riding a trainer in front of the television with a ceiling fan on high is immeasurably better than riding in the basement with a magazine and radio.  After an hour and 35 minutes tonight, I’m certain of it.

Three in One

  1. Three doctors in less than a week.  Status: All clear.
  2. My arm is sore as can be from shots and blood draws.
  3. Tomorrow’s weights are going to be a bitch.


I rode tonight — 55 minutes.

I ran tonight — 25 minutes.

Then I snacked.

More exercise leads to more hunger leads to more snacks.  Remind me again how that weight loss thing works again…


My commute to work was wet and windy — 64 minute run.  Some 11 1/2 hours later I ran home.  It was very windy and somehow after a day of stressful work made it home 55 seconds faster.  Go figure.

Split Decision

Today was the first time since I started early in January with the TNT classes that I had an entirely BLAH class.  I struggled to get through the exercises and with my “normal” tension on the stretch cords or “normal” weights were too heavy.

These things happen and it is best to keep moving ahead.

Later in the morning, I ran to work.  At nearly the halfway mark, I was on pace to finally cover the 7.61 miles in under an hour.  In nearly two years, I’ve never done it.  Today I felt smooth and my heartrate, while 4-6 beats per minute higher than I wanted, was lower than a high-intensity run.

BLAH struck again.  I arrived in 1:01:16.  All in all, a good run and since I’m supposed to be training by time and not milage, a great run because today’s workout calls for an hour.

Yet, it was disappointing.  I guess I went one for two today and since I won’t likely make it to the pool — though my plan calls for it — it will have to be enough.